Project Milestone Report 
Major Changes:
Switched from matlab to java for ease of implementation. However we will still be using matlab for the plots.
What You Have Accomplished So Far:
          Initial version of the design of the discrete event modelling of the Staged DB system is available. A prototype version of the basic framework implementation is ready in Java. Technical description of the design is available at   Technical Report- (URL-

Meeting Your Milestone:
We met the initial milestone set for so far. 

No major surprise. However, initially we felt it is easy to capture the dependencies across different micro-engines but this part seems to be trickier than expected. This dependency relates to the query-execution-plan input (which we do not have access to yet).
Revised Schedule:
    1. Input query samples - Rammohan (by this weekend)
    2. Basic framework prototype implementation - Surender/  Nicolas  (by this weekend)
    3. Improving the design
      • Modelling the dependencies among packets/operators
      • Detecting overlaps  at packet level with in an operator
    4. Improved implementation-  Surender/Nicolas/Rammohan  (One week)
      • One or more scheduling policies each
    5. Collecting the performance metrics- Surender/Nicolas/Rammohan  (2 days)
      • Strategy - how to collect? (ALL)
      • Implementation (One or more metrics each)
    6. Simulations  (by Dec 12)
      • Strategy- how to do? (ALL)
      • Implementation (One or more policies each)
    7. Results  (deadline- follows the above)
      • Plots/ graphs (ALL)
      • Respective metrics per policy
    8. Documentation and presentation  (deadline- follows the above)
      • by ALL
Resources Needed:
        Ony the input benchmark query  samples are needed. We will acquire them by this weekend.