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Just some pictures from places I have been in the past (all picture names and descriptions are in German).


Paris, France (24th - 28th Octobre 2006)
Next project meeting, next big city in Europe!
Stockholm, Sweden (2nd - 5th May 2006)
Yet another meeting in the beautiful city of Stockholm.
Milan, Italy (23rd January 2006)
On the way to a workshop in Turin, a couple of weeks before the Olympic Games began, I walked around an afternoon in Milan.


Florence, Italy (23rd - 25th September 2005)
We (Adriana, Gleb, Irina, Maxim, Oana, Razvan, Roman, Tim, Valantin) went for a week-end to Florence to enjoy good food, good wine, and warm sunbeam in autumn.
Konstanz, Germany (31st August - 2nd September 2005)
I gave a talk at the IEEE P2P conference in Konstanz.
Munich, Germany (7th August 2005)
On the way home I stopped for a short visit in Munich to see the open day of the new Allianz Arena, the new home of Bayern München.
Lausanne / Geneva / Montreux / Albertville (France) / Bern / Zermatt, Switzerland (France) (10th - 15th July 2005)
Two friends (Hannes and Manfred) visited me this summer to travel around a bit in Switzerland and visit the Tour de France passing by in Albertville seeing the last time Lance Armstrong in action.
Vienna, Austria (24th - 26th June 2005)
Another bus trip to the biggest festival of Europe "Donauinselfest" on the danube island in Vienna. This time on board: Dan, Gleb, Ivana, Maciej, Marta, Maxim, Roman, Sarunas, Tim.
Mont Blanc and Annecy, France (28th May 2005)
During the visit of my brother Thomas and my sister in law Susanne I was able to join them on the trip to Mont Blanc followed by a stop in the beautiful city Annecy also in France.
Biking tour to Mont Tendre, Switzerland (3rd April 2005)
It was beginning of April and we had really nice weather in Lausanne. So we (Gleb, Irina, Maciej, Marta, Sarunas, Valentin) decided to make a biking tour to Mont Tendre from Lausanne which is a round-trip of around 60km. The biggest challenge was for sure to climb the peak with the bike with an altitude difference of more than 900m starting from Montricher.
Valencia, Spain (25th - 28th March 2005)
Our (Dan, Gleb, Maciej, Marta, Mathilde, Maxim, Sarunas, Wojciech) easter-bus-trip was to the nice spanish city Valencia. We visited a couple of places around Valencia and saw the highest bridge of the world in France on our way back. And we had a lot of fun on the beach!
Geneva auto show, Switzerland (5th March 2005)
We (Adriana, Anwitaman, Dan, Gleb, Irina, Ivana R., Maciej, Maxim, Sarunas, Valentin) visited the biggest auto show of Europe for one day.


Zermatt, Switzerland (3rd - 5th December 2004)
A wonderful ski-opening week-end in Zermatt with Alexei, Branka, Dan, Denis, Gleb, Irina, Ivana J., Ivana R., Kasia, Maciej, Marta, Maxim, Natasha, Sarunas, Valentin
Lausanne / Château de Chillon / Geneva / Yvoire (France) / Gruyere / Fribourg / Bern / Olympic museum / Mont Tendre, Switzerland (17th - 22nd August 2004)
My parents visited me one week after my friends and we were sightseeing in West-Switzerland, french side of Lac Léman, and Bern.
Le Luisn, Switzerland (14th August 2004)
One day hiking tour with Alexei, Branka, Bojana, Gleb, Ivana, Ruta, Sarunas, Sasha, and Zoya.
Montreux / Geneva / Lugano / Locarno / Val Verzasca, Switzerland (5th - 8th August 2004)
Six friends from Vienna (Andreas, Arthur, Christoph, Heike, Robert, and Stefan) visited me at the beginning of August 2004 and we made a small sightseeing tour in West-Switzerland and Ticino.
Annecy, France (18th July 2004)
One day trip to the "Venice of France" with Mehdi and Anwitaman.
Interlaken, Switzerland (4th July 2004)
One day hiking tour with Christine and Mehdi.
Zermatt, Switzerland (27th June 2004)
One day hiking tour with Sarunas and Anwitaman.
Zürich, Switzerland (31st May 2004)
Sightseeing a couple of hours after returning from Vienna.
Rome, Italy (16th - 19th February 2004)
BRICKS kick-off meeting, sightseeing.


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