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Caching in P-Grid

Description Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) as P-Grid provide efficient lookup mechanism on index information balanced uniformly among participating nodes. Query-load (forwarding and answering) balancing in structured overlays is one of the most critical and least studied problems. Early simulation based studies have shown that both caching and load aware routing are necessary in order to achieve good query load balancing. The goal of this project is to implement query-adaptive caching techniques in P-Grid based on the theory presented in the paper:
Query-load balancing in structured overlays Anwitaman Datta, Roman Schmidt, Karl Aberer
Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid (CCGRID'07), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, May 14-17, 2007.
The Java implementation will be evaluated on the large-scale test-bed PlanetLab.
  • Implementation of the caching approach in the existing P-Grid implementation
  • Evaluation of the implementation on PlanetLab
  • A publication out of the project is feasible
  • Insight into Peer-to-Peer systems and P-Grid
  • Experience in the implementation of highly distributed systems and large Java applications
  • Experience with a large-scale test-beds as PlanetLab
  • A publication

Semester project, Dimloma project

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Responsible Roman Schmidt