Applying a general P2P interface on Gnutella

Description P2P systems such as Napster, Gnutella, eMule, Chord, Pastry, and P-Grid use different protocols and architectures to provide similar functionalities such as storing and retrieving data. We defined an API for P2P systems which is general enough to be applied on all existing P2P systems which increases interoperability and exchangeability of P2P systems. The interface is already implemented by our P2P system P-Grid and should now be applied to a Gnutella implementation (a Java implementation of Gnutella is already available but there are also other libraries available on the Internet).
The two implementations can then be used to compare application performances using different underlying network topologies (P-Grid is a structured network whereas Gnutella is unstructured). An example test should be performed using our file-sharing demo application Gridella.
This project can be done together with the project P2P file sharing on different networks.
Level Semester project
Responsible Roman Schmidt