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P2P protocol design and implementation

Description Distributed Hash Tables (DHTs) as P-Grid are the next generation Peer-to-Peer (P2P) systems and mainly driven by research institutes. As researchers aim at open development, P-Grid was designed with a human-readable open XML communication protocol. Due to increased performance constraints this is not efficient enough anymore and a optional binary communication protocol is desired.
The project involves the design of a new binary communication protocol for P-Grid based on the current XML-based protocol. The protocol has then be implemented in the existing P-Grid application and evaluated on the large-scale test-bed PlanetLab.
  • Design of binary communication protocol
  • Implementation of the protocol in the existing P-Grid implementation
  • Evaluation of the implementation on PlanetLab
  • Insight into Peer-to-Peer systems and P-Grid
  • Experience in the implementation of highly distributed systems and large Java applications
  • Experience with a large-scale test-beds as PlanetLab

Semester project

Guidelines LSIR Guidelines for Student Projects
Responsible Roman Schmidt