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I am a Ph.D. student at EPFL, in the Distributed Information Systems Laboratory (LSIR) under the supervision of prof. Karl Aberer. My main interests are P2P networks, Semantic Web, Entity Resolution, Middleware, Distributed Systems and Machine Learning.

I have my Masters in Computers and Communication Systems, EPFL, with a specialization in Networking and Mobile Communications. My master thesis was about Multi-hop network simulations at IBM Research Labs, Zurich. Prior to my masters I worked for couple of years as a Software Engineer at Qwest Communications. I have my Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT-Madras.



The OKKAM project aims at enabling the Web of Entities, a global virtual space for publishing and managing information and knowledge about entities. The Web of Entities will be the result of enabling the smooth integration of decentralized information sources, made possible by supporting the use (and reuse!) of global unique identifiers for entities: ideally, the same thing will be referred to by the main ID anywhere on the Web or large organizational networks.


NEPOMUK brings together researchers, industrial software developers, and representative industrial users, to develop a comprehensive solution for extending the personal desktop into a collaboration environment which supports both the personal information management and the sharing and exchange across social and organizational relations.


P-Grid is a truly decentralized structured P2P system which does not require central coordination or knowledge. It is based purely on randomized algorithms and local interactions and targeted at environments with low online probabilities of peers.


Gridvine is a semantic overlay network, with data independence from the underlying storage layer

Publications, Reports etc.

TripEneer: User-based Travel Plan Recommendation Application pdf bib New
Surender Reddy Yerva, Flavia Grosan, Tandrau Alexandru, Karl Aberer.
[Demo], ICWSM , July 2013, Boston, USA

TweetSpector: Entity-based retrieval of Tweets pdf bib
Surender Reddy Yerva, Zoltan Miklos, Flavia Grosan, Tandrau Alexandru, Karl Aberer.
[Demo], SIGIR , August 2012, Portland, USA

Cloud based fusion of Social and Sensor Data pdf bib
Surender Reddy Yerva, Hoyoung Jeung, Karl Aberer.
FUSION 2012: 15th International Conference on Information Fusion, July 9-12 2012, Singapore

Social and Sensor Data Fusion in the Cloud pdf bib
Surender Reddy Yerva, Jonnahtan Saltarin, Hoyoung Jeung, Karl Aberer.
[Poster] IEEE Mobile Data Management Conference, July 23-26 2012, Bengaluru, India

Entity-based Classification of Twitter Messages pdf bib
Surender Reddy Yerva, Zoltan Miklos, Karl Aberer.
International Journal of Computer Science & Applications, Vol 9, pages:88-115, 2012

Quality-aware similarity assessment for entity matching in Web data. pdf bib
Surender Reddy Yerva, Zoltan Miklos, Karl Aberer.
Information Systems Journal, Elsevier, Sept 2011

What have fruits to do with technology? The case of Orange, Blackberry and Apple. pdf bib
Surender Reddy Yerva, Zoltan Miklos, Karl Aberer.
International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics (WIMS-11), Sogndal, Norway, May 25-27, 2011

It was easy, when apples and blackberries were only fruits. pdf bib
Surender Reddy Yerva, Zoltan Miklos, Karl Aberer.
3rd WePS Evaluation Workshop: Searching Information about Entities in the Web. CLEF Sept 2010, Paduva, Italy

Towards Better Entity Resolution Techniques for Web Document Collections pdf bib
Surender Reddy Yerva, Zoltan Miklos, Karl Aberer
DESWeb, 1st International Workshop, colocated with ICDE 2010, Long Beach March 2010

Dynamic Networks: Analysis of P2P Networks pdf
Surender Reddy Yerva , Supervisor: Prof. Martin Hasler (EPFL) Dynamic Networks, Fall 08
EPFL course project, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2008

Evaluation of Scheduling Policies in a Staged-Database System pdf
Nicolas Bonvin, Rammohan Narendula, Surender Reddy Yerva
Advances in Data Management Systems, Fall 07
EPFL course project, Lausanne, Switzerland, December 2007

Multihop Network Simulations
Surender Reddy Yerva, Supervisor: Prof. Jean-yves Le Boudec (EPFL), Dr. Wolfgang Schott(IBM)
Master project, IBM & EPFL, Switzerland, March 2007

Plug and Play feature for GSN
Surender Reddy Yerva, Supervisor: Ali Salehi, Dr. Karl Aberer
EPFL semester project, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 2006


Course Work

Machine Learning

Dynamical Networks

Advances in Data Management Systems


Informatique - I
Years: 2012-2013

Distributed Information Systems
Years: 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2010-2011


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